The Burton Investment Technologies Family

Hi there!

This is our venture capital family page, as our organization is fulfilled with a unity of technologies that helps to move forward our economy through the innovation of activities. We are comprised of different industrial sectors to include finance, healthcare, informatics and transit!

Our current technology business units consist of BiFin Technologies, BiTech Informatics, BiTech Medical and BiTransit Technologies. Why? This is because from a leadership perspective we have over twenty years experience in these sectors and our goal is to drive the economy for further technological growth, as we are in the heart of the United States based in Atlanta, Georgia. Almost the center of the country with a population of over 5 million people that can encourage a movement into blue ocean rather than red ocean.

To eliminate confusion, BiTechnologies is a business unit management company. What this means to you is that services are only provided through these units for business. This page is informational only for the purpose of knowledge and understanding what we do and why we do it. Any management consulting activities should be addressed through Atlanta Investment Firm for management practices. This is not a technology company, however a management firm that is comprised of driving expansion for small to medium business units that can use our support.

As a new interested member, you should go to  your business unit page to better understand our purpose and mission for our corporate governance and return through success. We suggest you visit the page of interest that makes a difference for your sector of growth. Have fun!